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Our Community

We work with creative scientists, engineers, designers, artists, and conservationists of all ages. Please join our mailing list and attend an event— we’d love to work with you too!


Our Mission

In accordance with our organizational vision to lead the fight against extinction, we design, prototype, and promote technologies to reach conservation goals.

Our Vision

We envision a world where human technologies connect us with wildlife and habitats by helping us understand, empathize with, and protect natural systems.

Selected Prototypes & Projects

We're starting to build tools to explore and discover nature. What if you could experience plant and animal perspectives?

Tech to Reconnect Events

Please join us at our next event in 2019!

Our Tech to Reconnect event series highlights ways our collaborators and colleagues use technology to gain understanding about (and empathy with) the natural world.

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Community Partners

Our Team

As co-founder and director of this initiative, my hope is that we continue to work with our creative community to solve conservation challenges.

Dr. Gabriel Miller, Director of Research & Development, San Diego Zoo Global

We want to make the zoo of the future today. Using new technologies, we can help people understand the value of nature and help to protect it.

Paula Brock, Chief Financial Officer, San Diego Zoo Global

We must embrace all technologies available (and work to invent more!) to care for and connect with our environment.

Dr. Allison Alberts, Chief Conservation Officer, San Diego Zoo Global

I believe that nature and human technology synergize!

Nika Haleftiras, Conservation Technology Alumna, San Diego Zoo Global

With technology, we can amplify our conservation efforts!

Preston Buck, Conservation Technology Superstar, San Diego Zoo Global

Previous Speakers

Director, MIT FabLab San Diego
Director of Global Communications, GoPro
Co-director, Engineers for Exploration UCSD & Emerging Explorer, National Geographic
Sonic Artist & Experience Designer
Senior Program Manager, Google
Founder & Chairman, Techshop
CEO, Two Bit Circus
Co-founder, OpenROV
Chief Astronaut Instructor, Virgin Galactic
Asst Prof of Bioengineering, Stanford
Manager, Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Lead Programmer, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Games
Sony Artisan Photographer and Conservationist
Submarine Pilot & National Geographic Young Explorer
Program Manager, Google Geo Education
Researcher and Founder, Digital Naturalism
Research Affiliate & Arts Curator, Space Exploration Initiative, MIT Media Lab
Product Marketing Specialist, Global Forest Watch
CEO and Founder, Rainforest Connection

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