Bat Sense

  • Wearing the Bat Sense when no objects are nearby (user hears low frequency tones and sees blue light).
  • Implementation using Arduino microcontroller.
  • The Bat Sense mask gives people the experience of 'seeing' with ultrasound, like this leaf-nosed bat from Peru.

Project Overview

Objective See in darkness using ultrasound.
Lead Engineer Albert Kao

Project Description

The bat sense mask allows the user to navigate in complete darkness. Like a bat, the mask uses ultrasonic pings to measure distance. These distances are conveyed to the wearer in two ways: (1) by the pitch of sounds and the interval between them, and (2) by the color of diffused lights in front of the eyes. As objects get closer, the time between pulses decreases, the pitch increases, and the light color fades from blue to red. In this way, the bat sense mask lets the user sense and experience distances to objects, similarly to how a bat might experience the world when flying at night.