Becoming a Butterfly

  • An app designed by cw&t generates direction and distance to selected target. Here it is programmed to navigate to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico.
  • Preparing the black cut-out for the vest.
  • The vest is adapted to give the wearer a sense of a monarch butterfly.
  • The exterior of the vest conveys a sense of a monarch. Vibrating motors inside the vest allow the wearer to feel magnetic fields and thereby navigate like a butterfly.

Project Overview

Objective Navigate like a monarch butterfly by feeling the pull of magnetic fields.
Lead Engineer Che-Wei Wang (Software)

Project Description

Here we created a vest embedded with vibrating motors that signal the direction the wearer should move to reach to a preset target. The principle of moving according to sensed magnetic fields is thought to be similar in monarch butterflies. Lights on the exterior of the vest let observers see what the wearer is feeling and let onlookers visualize how navigation is taking place. The arduino microcontroller, bluetooth shield (for connection to iPhone navigation app), 9-volt battery, and associated wiring are all housed in the vest pocket.