Climate Leaf

  • Completed prototype.
  • Computer aided design, including dimensions.
  • Exploring various leaf shapes before settling on final version.
  • Component pricing was surveyed before purchasing parts.
  • Cleaning edges with a Dremel tool.
  • Copies of the Climate Leaf ready for use by a group of students.

Project Overview

Objective Quantify Incident Light Levels Using Solar Energy/Leaf Metaphor
Lead Engineer Veronica Sardo

Project Description

The climate leaf was designed to provide an experience of exploration and measurement. A leaf was chosen as the light meter shape to represent how leaves collect and use sunlight. The kit is made to be assembled in 10 minutes. A solar collector, in a simple circuit, is connected to an ammeter to show how electrical current can be derived from the sun in real time. A bubble level allows reproducible measurement in different settings, and a thermometer/hygrometer lets users look for relationships between heat/humidity and current.