Giraffe Perspective Simulator

  • The prototype in use at the giraffe exhibit. Handles allow the user to hold the device and slowly walk around.
  • The mayor of San Diego experiences dizzying heights.
  • Initial concepts for animal vision simulation.
  • Oculus rift viewer showing realtime feeds from videocameras mounted at top of the 'neck'.

Project Overview

Objective Simulate a Giraffe's Perspective
Lead Engineer Dylan Owens

Project Description

The giraffe perspective simulator was created to give people the experience of being the size of a giraffe. Two playstation eye cameras are connected by USB to a laptop that sends the left and right video feeds to an Oculus rift virtual reality headset. This gives the user a stereo view with a high refresh rate in almost realtime from 15 feet higher than usual. The equipment is very light, so the user can walk around slowly and experience a dramatically new perspective.